Stunning topographical relief maps for designers

High Resolution topographic relief images included plus fully editable text and graphics in Adobe Illustrator format

Mountain High Maps Plus for Adobe Illustrator are a set of vector and high-res image files that blend seamlessly together:

  • An Adobe Illustrator file with up to 212 layers of fully-editable annotation, including countries, cities and towns, rivers, and physical features as well as country/state borders. All land, sea and political areas are pre-filled compound paths which enable you to change color, font or style using only a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Each map has five alternate 300 dpi. images that show terrain relief that can be placed into the Illustrator file. They are colorized to show elevation, vegetation and political areas. In addition there are greyscale images showing land and ocean floor relief.
  • Also included are bitmap masks and paths for all geographical and political features that can be loaded into Photoshop as Channels/selections for easy and quick customization of images as an alternative to using Illustrator.

Mountain High Maps Plus for MS PowerPoint have editable text and and graphics. Text layers can be turned off if required and new slide text added. Effects like drop shadows can be easily added to graphics as country/state/region areas are all seperate areas.

Try our Map Bundles for Adobe Illustrator, they are even better value for money.

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Mountain High Maps Plus
is the new updated version of the award winning Mountain High Maps. They are royalty-free for print, broadcast, multimedia and internet use.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who uses map data finding a much better resource than Mountain High Maps.


Mountain High Maps gives you coverage of the globe
in the greatest detail you’ve ever seen. Graphics World

Mountain High Maps have proved outstanding for use in After Effects to create worlds
in motion. TD4

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