FAQ Mountain High Maps Plus

You offer two alternative map formats, which should I use?
Illustrator if you want all the customisation options and are familiar with Illustrator.
Powerpoint if you want maps for presentations that have editable text and graphics.

How do I view either Illustrator or PowerPoint maps in the Shop?
Use the Search box.

Can I use the maps “straight out of the box”?
Yes, but…
Illustrator if you want a map to look exactly as shown on this website you will need to place one of the JPEG files on the “Placed Art” layer and turn off all the country/state layers above it.
Powerpoint maps will look exactly as shown.

Can I use the Illustrator files in Powerpoint?
Yes but… It is possible to paste Illustrator layers directly into PowerPoint but you need to select paste as “Enhanced MetaFile” and this is only available on the PowerPoint for Windows. To make it editable, right click the item and select “Edit Picture”, it will then become editable. Of course you will need both applications to do this.

Using the Illustrator option

What software do I need to fully customise Illustrator files?
Adobe Illustrator CS2 Suite and all later versions.

Can I edit the text and add new text?
Yes using Illustrator.

Can I change the fonts?
Yes using Illustrator.

Can I change the color of the maps graphics?
Yes using Illustrator.

Can I add my own graphics and images?
Yes using Illustrator or Photoshop.

Can I use other software with MHMP?
Yes. You can open the relief images in Photoshop and paste in any combination of the layers from the Illustrator file as Vector Smart Object that retains it scalability without loss of quality. You also can use other image editing software to open the relief images.

Do you offer support for Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?
No, only a basic knowledge of these applications is necessary in order to customize MHMP maps.

Can I use MHMP maps with CorelDraw?
Probably. MHMP Illustrator EPS files can be opened in most versions of CorelDraw but we don’t support it directly.

Are MHMP maps cross-platform?
Yes. By default map text is set in Verdana (TrueType), a font resident on both Mac and PC but this can be changed easily once the EPS has been opened in Illustrator.

Can I use MHMP with GIS software?
No. Although it us possible to combine MHMP with additional GIS data but it is not supported by us.

Can I use MHMP maps with Linux?
Possibly, we have tested on some versions of Open Source software like the Gimp but we don’t support it.

Are MHMP maps up-to-date?
Yes but as the maps are editable if a name changes after you have downloaded it you can easily update it yourself.

Why would I need a regional map like England South East when I could buy the entire British Isles map?
Because the regional map is higher resolution than the same area of the country map and contains more extensive annotation.

How do I remove the watermark from the maps?
This doesn’t appear on the downloaded maps.

Can I tell from the images on the Shop pages how big the maps will be?
No. The size of map images on this website is standardized, you won’t be able to tell from the watermark the relative sizes of maps. They are 300 ppi and the actual pixel dimensions are given for each map on the product page.

Can I buy MHMP on DVD?
No. MHMP maps are available only as downloads.

I already own a Mountain High Maps DVD, can I upgrade it?
No, Mountain High Maps plus (MHMP) sells affordable single maps or map bundles and replaces the previous Mountain High Maps. All maps have been updated since the final DVD release.

Can I return a map if I have downloaded the wrong one?

What is the “To Go” version for?
Its a free extra! It is a flattened JPEG and is therefore not editable but can be used as is with virtually any application.

I have noticed another website (Digital Wisdom) selling Mountain High Maps, is it the same?
No. This site and MHMPlus once shared the same map resources but they are now completely separate. www.mhmplus.com or www.maps4designers.co.uk are the only places where you can purchase updated, individual, downloadable Mountain High Maps Plus products.

Using the Powerpoint option

What software do I need to fully customise PowerPoint files?
Powerpoint 2007 and later.

Can I edit text and graphics?
Yes. The PowerPoint interface is quite different depending on which version/platform you are using. For example on 2007 you will need to choose “Selection Pane” from the “Editing” menu in order to see the layers.

Can I change the size of the map in PowerPoint?

Can I use all the tools available in PowerPoint when I open a map?

Do you offer support for PowerPoint?

FAQ: Purchasing

Are there restrictions how MHMP can be used?
Once downloaded MHMP maps can be used in almost any medium. They cannot be resold in any form. For example if you customized a map you would not be able to re-sell that map as an individual product. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Can I share MHMP maps with colleagues or friends?
No that would infringe our Terms and Conditions. We sell our maps at a very affordable price in order to avoid copyright theft. Tell your friends about Mountain High Maps Plus so that they can purchase their own copies.

MHMP prices are in $US. What happens if I want to purchase in my local currency?
Paypal will charge you in your local currency

Is this website secure?
Yes. The transaction is handled by Paypal and is extremely secure

Tips. When copying layers from Illustrator include the Box Rule layer with Stroke set to zero. This will ensure perfect registration if it is pasted into Photoshop as a Vector Smart Object.